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Eco Filters[SJ Auto Co., Ltd.]



One of the essential prerequisites for the satisfactory operation of an internal-combustion engine is the continuous lubrication of the moving parts of the engine with oils which are kept at the required level of cleanliness to avoid premature wear.

  1. The oil filter plays an essential part in this process because it provides continuous purification of the oil by retaining abrasive particles, caused by normal wear and tear, as well as dust and combustion residues.
  2. The oil pump, driven by the engine, aspirates the oil via a sieve (to prevent aspiration of large contaminants) from the oil sump and pumps it towards all the places that need lubrication
  3. Oil filters can be designed as a 'spin-on filter' or as a 'filter cartridge' in housing. A 'spin-on' filter is completely replaced after its useful life, whereas only the filter inside the 'filter cartridge' housing needs to be replaced.
  4. The oil filter is a very advanced and high quality product which helps ensure that the vehicle will operate more efficiently. It consequently plays an essential part in engine performance as well as extending engine service life. This can only be achieved by replacing it at regular intervals, before the filter begins to be bypassed.

Oil Eco Filters

  • The housing for the eco oil filter remains inside the vehicle. The filter material remains separate from the housing.
    When it is time to change the filter, only the filter media is changed.
  • When disposing of the filter media, it can be incinerated, as it only consists of paper and environmentally friendly polymer, no solvents or glues are used to produce eco filters. This is a great environmental improvement over the conventional spin-on oil filters.

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