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Cabin Air Filters[SJ Auto Co., Ltd.]

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Cabin Air Filters[SJ Auto Co., Ltd.]

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SJ Auto's Highly Effective Cabin Air Filters remove more than 90% of all pollen and road dust particles entering into the car cabin without inhibiting the flow of fresh air.

  1. The cabin filter effectively reduces the film of dirt on the windscreen, thus improving night vision. Therefore all major car manufacturers currently produce cars with cabin air filters.
  2. To guarantee that the air in the interior is pure at all times, the filter needs to be replaced regularly.
  3. The concentration of dust in the atmosphere and the proportion of different types of poisonous particles in it result from the weather conditions and social demographic characteristics in each location.
  4. SJ AUTO Cabin air filters are made with a synthetic fiber media called NONWOVEN, which when properly pleated gives us the maximum filtration area, which guarantees and average retention rate of 90% of the poisonous particles, allowing us a markedly improved air quality in the cabin.
  5. SJ AUTO cabin air filters guarantee a retention rate of 100% of particles greater than 3 microns in diameter, for example plant pollen, and no less than 90% of particles 0.5 to 2 microns in diameter, like poisonous exhaust fumes, metallic particles, bacteria, fungi, etc.
  6. SJ AUTO also offers a variety of active carbon cabin filters, which have a layer of active carbon that retains the molecules of different gases, and stops them from reaching the driver.


  • Particle Cabin Filters
    - They are designed to removed particle matter or soot from the exhaust of an engine.
    This particle matter in the exhaust results from the incomplete combustion of the fuel.
    - In previous years, particle filters were not widely used, but it more recent times tightening regulations on emission levels of vehicles have encouraged an increase in demand for these filters.
  • Combination Cabin Filters
    - These filters have two functions. The first function is the basic function of any filter, to remove particulates from the air.
    - The second function is to remove gaseous impurities, which include harmful or odorous gases. These gases can be released into the cabin of the car, so it is important for this filter to be regularly maintained. Combination filters usually use carbon on the filter media.
  • Charcoal Cabin Filters
    - These filters contains a layer of carbon, and can filter out both particles and gases. The charcoal allows for the filtration of ozone and well as pollen, fungi, bacteria, etc.
    These filters are mold-resistant as well. The charcoal in the filters is embedded in layers of non-woven material.
    - These filters perform better than particle filters.