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Fuel Filters[SJ Auto Co., Ltd.]

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PETROL and Diesel Oil are the most common fuels for internal combustion engines.
Contaminants (particles, water) arrive in the fuel in various ways.

  1. These contaminants can plug fuel injectors or carburetors, causing engine malfunction and deterioration. Dirt, rust, scale and water are the major impurities present in fuel. Therefore they must be removed from the fuel to avoid damage or malfunctions in the various components of the fuel system.
  2. A certain amount of additives have been added to diesel fuel to reduce the possibility of crystallization of the paraffin in the fuel (flocculation). In certain filters a heating element with a thermostat is present, thus avoiding flocculation temperatures.
  3. Once severe flocculation has occurred, oil filters must be replaced and the fuel lines must be cleaned.
Injection Fuel Filters
- There are 2 types of injection fuel filters, the pipe type and the nut type. They both have a housing with a filter element inside, and two ends, an 'in' end and an 'out' end. For the pipe type,
there is a small pipe extending from both ends of the filter. For the nut type there are nuts on each and, with threading on them.
The filters are caulked shut, and the entire filter must be taken out and replaced.
Eco Fuel Filters
- Eco fuel filters are made of environmentally friendly components that are easily disposed of.
- They are designed so that only the filter media needs to be exchanged, instead of the entire filter casing being removed and replaced.
- Eco fuel filters are being used more and more frequently in recent models of vehicles being produced.
Diesel Fuel Filters
- Emulsified and free water as well as fine particles must be separated from diesel fuel. This must happen before the fuel passes through the fuel injector system, since even a very tiny particle can block the fuel injection system.
The water is removed from the fuel where it condenses into drops that drain from the filter. Some filters contain a drain, while other filters accumulate the filtered material at the bottom of the filter.
CRDi Fuel Filters
- CRDi engines use one common rail, or fuel line, to supply fuel to all cylinders. The fuel is highly pressurized to allow it to combine with air more efficiently. By using one fuel line for all cylinders, it ensures that the fuel reaches all the cylinders at a uniform pressure.
This high pressure is required for the pump and filter to work properly.
The filter has many high precision parts that distinguish it from regular fuel filters.
Vehicles equipped with a CRDi system can only use CRDi filters.